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Will you stand with us to demand a high quality education for all of Florida’s students? Southern Legal Counsel and The Healy Foundation have launched a matching grant, with a goal to raise $20,000 for Southern Legal Counsel's Education Protection Fund by April 2016. Visit our INFORMATION page to learn more about the campaign - and show your support with $5 or more! Thanks to the generosity of The Healy Foundation’s matching grant, your donation will go twice as far.  

The case goes to court in March, and Southern Legal Counsel’s victory can mean real, tangible results for improving our schools.  I urge you to take one minute to donate $5 or more to support Southern Legal Counsel's Education Protection Fund. If we all chip in, it’ll go a long way to ensure that Florida provides the high quality education that all of our children deserve.

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    THE GOAL: To hold Florida's leaders accountable to their duty to Florida's children. 


    Southern Legal Counsel's case invites you to make public schools OURS again.


    Our public school children deserve:

    -—Support from our parents

    —-Support from our communities

    —-Support from our public education administrators

    —-Support from politicians and the appointed State Board of Education


    72% of Florida voters, in 1998, voted that state leaders have a “paramount duty to provide public school children with support.”


    Choices of Florida’s board education failed our public school children! The public school reforms chosen are not working!

    Endorsement from Pamela Goodman

    President of League of Women Voters of Florida

    • “The decades long attack on the Florida public school system by our State officials must be stopped.  With support from parents, students and community members, our plea goes to the courts.  5forChange can mean BIG CHANGE for Florida’s educational future.”


    or send a check payable to
    Southern Legal Counsel to
    1229 NW 12th Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601

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